What is the SentriLock System?

As the leading electronic lockbox manufacturer and service provider, SentriLock operates in support of REALTORS and the industry, offering an easy to use, reliable and secure system. SentriLock is owned by the National Association of REALTORS, their system is designed by REALTORS for REALTORS.

The Bluetooth REALTOR Lockbox is the most secure, durable, and versatile within the industry. With SentriLock reliable, multiple access method (using the SentriSmart Mobile App or your SentriCard), you will never miss a showing.

  • The SentriSmart Mobile App also allows you to manage your Lockbox inventory, generate secure One Day Codes to allow non-members to show your property, view access logs, and control your personal settings related to the Lockbox features.
  • Alternately, you can use the SentriCard in combination with the SentriCard Utility desktop program or SentriLock Website to perform all of the functions available in the Mobile App and more!